Community managers are very versatile professionals, who in their work must know different tools that help them do an excellent job managing social networks

Would you like to know what are the essential applications for a Community Manager?

Do not wait any longer, read this article and know some of the best applications for community managers


The first application that every community manager should know is SocialGest, this is an organization and planning interface for social networks. It is available for use from mobile phones with Android operating system and for IOS devices; It is also used without difficulty from a web browser.

With SocialGest users will be able to see live the behavior of their social networks, having the opportunity to manage and monitor their profiles on the different platforms from a single account. This application is also useful for running contests on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter; and will be your right hand to control your social networks


It is important to clarify that a community manager is not a graphic designer, but sometimes it will be necessary for the "c.m" to provide social networks that manage different graphic elements. Create a CANVA account and get the best designs for your virtual work.

CANVA is a design portal, where you can elaborate in an extremely simple way: Logos, flyers, curricular synthesis, presentations and cards. It is perfect for beginners, or for virtual projects that do not need so much emphasis on getting a professional design

You can use CANVA from Android devices and IOS devices; But you can also use the application from a web browser.

Adobe Premiere Clip

Need to edit a video? Audiovisual resources are perfect for bringing valuable content to social networks, in addition to several marketing studies have confirmed that they generate greater visibility and interaction to a social profile. So if you dare to create this type of graphic content, Adobe Premiere Clip will be your best ally.

It is a simple and practical program that will allow you to create, edit and share videos on different social networks; It does not require professional handling and its tools will give you the possibility of obtaining incredible results in a very short time.

It is available to be downloaded on IOS and Android devices


Sometimes work can get confusing, so you need to not only organize or manage social networks, you must also do the same with your time and your life. For this there is Trello, a practical application that will efficiently organize your tasks and digital projects without any inconvenience in the process.

With Trello you can organize a work routine, making to-do lists and having a space to manage your time in a very easy way. Trello can be used on mobile devices with IOS and Android operating systems, but it also allows users to connect directly to the app from a web browser.

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