E-commerces are normal electronic elements in the daily life of the digital age. The market has been transformed in recent years, and the constant use of digital platforms has meant that commerce must also adapt to the digital context in which we as a society are currently developing.

Companies understand and respect this fact, as the potential customers for their project are mostly online. So more and more small and medium-sized enterprises decide to move to the virtual space to offer their different products and services quickly and easily.

Of course, for users this is ideal, because the purchase process is much more comfortable and adapts to their needs as a consumer.

However, as in any commercial process, there may be moments of stagnation in your sales. Have you been through such a situation or are your business sales currently not well? Don't worry, today we have written a practical list and compiled for you the best mobile applications to boost your online sales.

This is the time for you to exploit the full potential of your business



It is very positive that your company has presentations and speeches and function to its values. A simple way to capture your business message is with Keynote.

Keynote is an application that will allow you to create personalized presentations, and that is ideal for grouping everything your consumers need to know about your project.


Sometimes payment methods are very cumbersome, and this means that your potential customers will prefer another alternative that is more practical and simple for them. That's why you should consider simplifying your business payment methods, and for this there is nothing better than using square.

Square is a mobile app that turns your customer's phone into an easy shopping instrument with multiple payment options, transferring money to your established point of sale

SalesUp! CRM

If you're looking to have full control of your business, SalesUp! CRM will be your key ally.

SalesUp! CRM is an application that works as a sales organization system , and will allow you to take the entire commercial process of your business: From an order for an item or service, to feedback and follow-up after the purchase.


Have you ever thought about how to identify a potential customer? The reality is that not all users in the networks of your business are willing to make a purchase, and it is important that you take as a priority those people or organizations that are interested in acquiring your products and / or services

So that you know how to identify them, there is an extremely useful application: Fileboard

It is an application that studies the behavior of users based on your interaction: Those who are reading your content, who react, who are aware of your company. In this way, you can concentrate on that audience and increase your sales with them and their remarkable interest.

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