When it comes to Instagram, it is vitally important to create a content plan that allows you to manage the monthly or weekly publications of that profile.

Managing content on Instagram gives more time and allows a faster and tidier work on the social network, which is why today we present some applications to schedule publications on Instagram.

These applications give the possibility to plan the future rhythm of your account, posting materials automatically on the days provided in the content plan and even many allow you to analyze your profile.

Do not wait any longer, learn how to handle Instagram like a professional and have a better use of the social network with these useful tools.


With this tool you can schedule your publications in several Instagram accounts from the web browser. In it there is also a personalization panel, where we can edit the photos, crop them, rotate them and even put filters on them.

Onlypult has a free version, where the first 7 days the publications will be scheduled on your Instagram profile, but after that time you must pay the usage fee.


Socialgest is a totally free virtual tool to schedule content on your Instagram accounts. It allows users to schedule one publication a day on their Instagram profile at no cost, in addition to not asking for validation data on the phones associated with the social network account.

We can use it very easily from the web browser.


Not only is it an application to program content on Instagram, with Hootsuite we can schedule content on different social networks without any inconvenience. It has a free version, which lasts about 30 days and allows you to connect or manage 3 social media accounts at once.

Hootsuite is one of the most complete tools, because not only can you schedule future publications, there is also an administration panel and analysis of your profiles in the different platforms attached to the page.

Sked Social

It is a simple application to program content and photos on several Instagram accounts. We can store a large number of future publications, in addition to editing the images on the same platform and manage from there the settings corresponding to the content of the Instagram profile.

Sked Social gives you the opportunity to be efficient in your content plan, however keep in mind that its free version to schedule publications only lasts 7 days.

Take Off

A good app for scheduling Instagram posts is Take Off. It is a digital tool that allows users to efficiently manage future content on their respective Instagram accounts at no cost.

However, something to take into account is the fact that Take off asks for a link with the mobile phone linked to the account; Therefore, at the time of publishing content on your profile, you will be sent a notification, which you must accept.

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