With the arrival of social networks, more and more people are looking for a space for entertainment and dissemination of content, become active users in them.

One of the social networks that has been very popular in recent months is Tiktok. Learn more about this application and how it is positioning itself within the internet

What is Tiktok?

Tiktok is an interactive platform that works like a social network. It was launched by the Asian company ByteDance located in China in the year 2018

It is a simple and practical application to create, share and view personalized videos of 3 to 15 seconds. It is available for devices with iOS and Android processors.

How to use Tiktok?

To start using Tiktok you will need to create an account in the application, this can be done by registering from 0 and you can also choose to use one of your profiles on other social networks (such as Twitter or Facebook) to log in.

Once you have a Tiktok account, the platform will direct you to the section called "For you" or translated into Spanish "For you"; this part is the well-known home of Tiktok, here you can watch videos of multiple users in no order.

At first, the section will be with randombehavior or, but while using the application, Tiktok will use your views, reactions and interactions to show you content relevant to your behavior within the platform (i.e. content of value to you)

Tiktok respects the preferences of each user, so that they have a good user experience and can watch videos that really interest people.

To start creating content, just click on the middle button. Here is the video editing and creation module, which has different tools for audiovisual production.

In the same way, you can put hashtags to the description of each video, so that it can be located more easily if someone writes this in the navigation and search area.

Why did Tiktok become so popular?

Tiktok had already been positioning itself as one of the favorite applications for many people, but it was not until the beginning of the COVID pandemic in March 2020 that the application began to break download records.

At first Tiktok was an entertainment space that was believed to be only for teenagers, but as Tiktok's reach increased, so did the number of content creators on it.

Today we can find a very varied audience (from young people to seniors) who make and consume content on Tiktok, and correspond to the globalization of the social network.

Why should you start using Tiktok?

If you have a business or a company, using Tiktok can be very beneficial for you. The reason? Tiktok has a large number of users and gives an advantage to organic content (content of value to consumers without paying advertising) that is why you will have greater reach and your brand or project will be known by many people.

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