Engagement marketing is a digital strategy that aims to seek a much closer relationship between customers and the brand . Read the following article and learn how you can create engagement marketing strategies in your business

Elements of engagement marketing

An engagement marketing campaign has several relevant elements or concepts implicit within the virtual advertising field. Although later we will explain how these are put into practice, in this section we will focus on knowing their concepts and what they mean:

  • Storytelling: It is based on the ability to connect with your audience by transmitting a message. Literally its meaning is "narration", therefore we can say that it is the art of telling a story
  • Branding: In digital marketing, branding encompasses the entire process of building a brand.
  • Copywriting: It is a technique used to discreetly persuade customers about a certain situation.
  • The content of value: They are publications where more than selling, it is about providing relevant material for users.
  • Customer service: It is about giving the public an assertive communication that seeks to solve needs and solve some problem.  

Functions of engagement marketing

Engagement marketing features include:

  • Ensure constant and seamless communication between users and the digital brand or project
  • Transform the shopping experience and the need for consumption, taking the commercial process more towards how the customer experiences it and leaving aside the priority of making a sale.
  • Give importance to all criticisms and observations received, carrying out plans to improve the aspects indicated.
  • Demonstrate disinterest in the provision of services, implying that the most important thing for the brand is to meet the needs of the client.

Engagement Marketing Strategies

Do you want to carry out engagement marketing strategies for your project? Here's what you should do:

  • Build your brand:

When you have an established idea and a solid message, customers will be able to remember your business and you will be creating your own brand. The most important thing is not to make sales, the most important thing is to give your business an identity to start growing.

  • Segment the target audience:

It's crucial that you select the audience you want to target, get to know them and know what they want, who they are, and what their online behavior is like.

  • Create valuable content

As we mentioned at the beginning of this post (and in several previous posts) valuable content is one of the most important factors to create interaction and interest in your project. Create informative posts or publications that you know will be very relevant to your target audience

  • Facilitate the consumer experience

Offering several payment methods, giving quick answers, having customer service and solving doubts, will make the customer experience more bearable and prefer to buy in your business

  • Give good communication

Create a positive interaction and take into account customer considerations or proposals; It will cause them to feel heard and part of the brand.

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