Have you ever heard of content marketing? It is a concept that is taking a lot of value nowadays, so find out why this advertising strategy is being so popular with the following article

What is content marketing about?

Content marketing is very popular today, it is a tool for dissemination and organic advertising strategy (there is no direct capital expenditure to advertising on an information platform) based on the creation of valuable content; or what is the same relevant content and of interest to the target audience.

What is content marketing for?

Whether you have a blog or a profile on a social network, content marketing seeks to position your brand through organic results. By offering unpublished, exclusive and general interest materials, you will be able to efficiently carry out your digital project.

Content marketing serves to:

  • Give recognition to your brand

When you take the time to generate posts that can match the needs and likes of your customers, you will give your brand greater recognition among users who make life in your niche or profile.

  • Have a greater reach of diffusion

When creating valuable content, the information provided on the page will be disseminated by the users themselves and the interaction in the publications will benefit the algorithm of the platform used by the brand. This means that content marketing will increase visibility.

  • Create a community

The interest, interaction and willingness of users for what you expose in the publications of your brand, will make them not only a group of potential customers, there will also be a process of belonging and identity for your project.

Types of content marketing

There are different types of content marketing, where we can find:

  • Videos

Audiovisual elements can be used as a good hook to capture the interest of your audience. Today they are one of the best positioned content on the internet, and can be shared on almost all digital platforms

  • Articles

If you have a blog, you must create valuable content that can adapt to the google algorithm and allow you to grow your project; For this the best solution will be the articles.

  • Infographics

Perfect to publicize relevant information without so much complexity. The best thing is that because they are in image format, they are suitable for different platforms

  • Magazines

They will capture the interest of your audience in the moment, creating a sense of eagerness to read the next issue. Of course, remember that the content of it must be relevant to your consumers and your brand.

  • Tutorials

Show your users! With the tutorials the community in your brand will be able to solve doubts, solve possible problems and learn new things.

Start a content marketing campaign

If you want to start using content marketing for your company, project or brand, the best option will be to contact us. The Aondeir team will provide you with the best strategies depending on the nature of your business.

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