Have you ever heard of emotional marketing? Discover this popular way to implement marketing in your project and start experiencing all its benefits.

What is emotional marketing?

Emotional marketing is based on a promotional strategy that employs the basic principles of human emotions to ensure a positive response from the audience in a certain brand or project.

Emotional marketing wants to project emotions and feelings both in the brand and in the products and services.

What are the benefits of emotional marketing?

If you decide to give emotional marketing a chance in your business, you can enjoy many advantages over your brand such as:

  • You will show the public a more human side, strengthening the relationship between the brand and customers
  • You will transmit confidence and credibility
  • You will give value to your products
  • The use of emotions directly influences the sales margin
  • You will leave a mark on the public, so your brand will be remembered.
  • You will develop the branding and storytelling of your business
  • You will differentiate yourself from your competition
  • Your brand will contribute more than products, it will generate experiences and memories in consumers

What emotions sell the most in emotional marketing?

If you want to start implementing emotional marketing in your digital strategy, take these emotions into account so that you start generating content and interacting with your audience:

  • Sadness

Although it may not seem like it, it is possible to use sadness from a positive perspective and not from a negative one. Moving the audience. Using elements that manage to touch users and create an emotional bond in the story, will make them have a greater degree of connection with the message and with your brand.

  • Nostalgia

The past is something people think about a lot, and if you manage to transport your audience to shared times full of memories, it will be one of the best decisions for your marketing strategy.

  • Passion

We all have something that we are passionate about, that which we think about every day and for which we are very enthusiastic. By bringing to our speech notions that convey passion to the audience, we will be guaranteeing high levels of interaction and a more energetic reaction in our consumers.

  • The fear

Make no mistake, using fear in emotional marketing does not have to be something negative if we take it from the perspective of security. Creating in the user the feeling that our brand can protect him and prevent him from feeling afraid of a problem, is a very efficient way to sell a service or product.

  • Belonging

Making users have a sense of belonging and confer themselves as part of a group, is a good motivation that will increase sales and interaction.

  • Happiness

We live in a hedonistic society, therefore we will always look for those experiences or experiences that generate pleasure. Taking this premise in your business will provide positive results in terms of sales and user interaction, because they will consider that your brand will satisfy their desires and that will give them happiness

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